Thursday, March 24, 2011


Street signs are symbols that have become embedded into our society. We have no choice but to listen to them. Failure to do so can even result in a punishment. However, different street signs are almost addressed by a person and organized based on how they will follow them. For example, many people speed and choose to slightly ignore the highway sign that says 60 mph or completely ignore a deer crossing sign but these same people adhere fully to stop signs. I would argue that this is because we organize the orders provided on the signs based on a level of potential danger. Those that we feel are not going to result in bad consequences we ignore, while others that seem more likely to result in a wreck we follow. It is amazing that we trust the symbol of a red light to keep our lives protected and even more so amazing that we trust other people to abide by these symbols. I think we forget how much symbols such as street signs or traffic lights deeply effect and protect our lives. We trust ourselves to acknowledge them, as well as strangers. 

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