Thursday, March 24, 2011


Even though we are no longer in the 70's, seeing a peace sign on a shirt, bracelet, sticker or elsewhere is not uncommon today. The slogan,  " [xyz]" is frequently used, and even overdone if you ask me. However, after some research on a symbol that we often encounter on our daily lives I found that its literal origination has one distinct meaning. The creation of the peace sign can be understood through this diagram. It shows how the symbol can be translated to "nuclear disarmament." I'm sure people walking around with shirts made for their clubs are not advocating this idea but maybe more so the general idea of peace, maybe they sure start using a dove instead.

The swastika, now seen as something very negative and frowned upon, was not originally like this. Prior to Hitler it was turned into a symbol that became associated with the Nazi moment. Originally it was used by several different religions and acted as a symbol of hope.
Sadly, the symbol has been removed from several historical things and can no longer be used.

Originating in the 12th century, the symbol represents royalty and higher power. Some even claim that it is symbolic of the holy trinity. Yet, today in America this symbol would not be seen as representation for either. Now, it is known as a symbol for the New Orleans Saints NFL team and seen worn by girls casually as jewelry.

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