Thursday, March 24, 2011


Although it is not a shape, color very much so takes on symbolic meaning in our lives. We associate different feelings and situations with certain colors. It can also lead us to think of certain products or particular places we may go. Depending on the culture, these feelings may be different. Below is a breakdown and examples of some common colors which influence our daily lives.

Red has become a symbol associated with power and status. As seen to the right Taylor Swift is wearing Christian Louboutin's. These shows have a red sole and are sought after by women all around the world. With an average price of 700 dollars, they are not easily affordable and anybody wearing such an item is most definetely seen as exclusive. Red also demonstrates in this picture another status symbol through the "red carpet," an idea associated mainly with celebrities.

In the state of Texas, the color of burnt orange is unanimously favored. Through its originality I would even argue that it can be identified nationwide in association with The University of Texas. For those longhorn alumni and fans the color symbolizes pride, and domination amongst athletics and academics. For those of us here at Texas, it acts a motivation to succeed and represent our school in a way that continues to promote its outstanding reputation. 

The color yellow is something that just symbolizes happiness. Items such as sunflowers, the sun itself or even smiley faces are associated with bright and joyous occasions. While a light yellow can create subtle feelings of delight, a bold-bright yellow can illicit feelings of excitement and extreme cheerfulness. We can even dive deeper and look into the fact that people feel more upbeat and happy on bright, sunny days causing this color to naturally have this connection.  

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