Friday, March 25, 2011


     You know what it is, not only does greek life at the University of Texas go crazy about it but people drive from LSU, A&M, TCU, TECH, and many other colleges just to join in on the fun. This fun involves large amounts of beer, neon, and music. Sororities produce mass quantities of shirts with headlines such as "Think Theta" or "Be a DG." Everyone wears them, guys and girls alike (even if it is hot pink). So the question is why do greeks do this?
     Round up is considered to be a recruitment event publicly for fraternities and secretly for sororities. When the partying begins sororities hope their letters will be worn loud and proud by everyone in their chapter but more importantly by guys in top tier fraternities. Aside from all the fun and games, it's a weekend of publicity and competition. Good sororities will be seen everywhere throughout roundup and represented by "gentlemen."
     Greek letters are symbols that many people choose to be associated with in college. For many they represent a sisterhood or brotherhood, for others a place to party, or some a connection towards their future.  Roundup is just an example of the extreme people go to in order to wear their letters loud and proud.

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