Thursday, March 24, 2011


          With almost an equal amount in supporters, both the Democratic and Republican Party remains pretty split down the middle. Many people define themselves in terms of their values and beliefs based on their political party while others let their values and beliefs define their political party. No matter which you choose, you most likely take on association with one party or the other. These two main parties have their own symbols they are associated with. The Democratic Party is represented through the donkey, while the elephant is used to represent the Republican Party (as seen below).
            The donkey came about during Andrew Jackson’s election. Many people associated him as being a “jackass.” Jackson embraced the political cartoon’s insult and used it to further his political campaign. The elephant was adopted soon after when another cartoon ad was used that presented an elephant standing up to a donkey. Oddly enough, both parties reasoning for choosing these symbols goes back to their desire of being appeared as tough and immovable.
Whether you choose to be a donkey or an elephant in America you, it has become a defining characteristic of people in our society. It determines where our money goes, how we vote, and other important choices we make. 

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